No matter what color you choose, Your Own NOZ Custom Shoes will always be the best!

None Of Zero Custom shoes are a one-of-a-kind product that allows customers to design their custom shoes from scratch. With over 50 different colours and patterns to choose from, NOZ can create any style of shoe for you. You have total control over your project with NOZ - no questions asked. Customize your favourite brands like Nike AF1 custom shoes.

Keep scrolling to see the Top 5 in no particular order, plus shop some of our favourite coloured heels right now.


1. Neon Purple

This is a bright and eye-catching colour which makes it fun to wear no matter what occasion you are attending. The lightness of the shade can also create an appearance that adds height, making your legs look even longer than they are! If you want to be sure to turn heads at any event, purple would be a good choice for your shoes.

This colour is much brighter than what you would find in a crayon box, but not as dark as eggplant or navy blue. Another great feature of purple is that it complements many colours so if you are unsure where to start these custom shoes can be completed with a variety of outfits and accessories!

2. Burgundy

If you are looking for a colour that is classic and timeless, burgundy would be a great option. It is similar to red in that it makes a bold statement but the two colours have different undertones. Burgundy often gives off feelings of luxury and richness, making it perfect for more formal occasions or events where you want to make an impression. This colour is also versatile and can be matched with a variety of different outfits depending on the look you are going for.

"There are many ways to the recognition of truth, and Burgundy is one of them." – Jiak Dinesen

3. Black

A go-to colour for any occasion, black shoes never disappoint. They are sleek, stylish, and always in fashion. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of black shoes and they will pair well with any outfit. Whether you are dressing up for a night out or just need something to wear to work, black is always a good option!

4. Blue

A favourite colour of many, blue can be used in both formal and casual occasions. It often has calming effects which make it perfect for events when you want to be relaxed and comfortable.

The colour blue can also vary in intensity, so you can choose a shade that fits the event you are attending. If you want your shoes to make a statement, then a brighter blue would be perfect, but for something more subtle a darker denim blue would work well! Darker blues are great for a formal look or for pairing with black pants. No matter what shade of blue you choose, it will always look good!

5. Red

The colour of passion, red is a great option for custom shoes. It is bold and makes a statement wherever you go. This colour can be used for both formal and casual events, making it versatile and perfect for any occasion.

Depending on the shade of red you choose, it can give off different feelings. A brighter red is more energetic and perfect for a fun night out, while a darker red can be more romantic and perfect for a dinner date. No matter what the occasion is, red shoes are sure to stand out!


Picking a colour that matches the occasion they are in need for or to match the personality and vibe of the person wearing them. Knowing the right colour to wear is a great way to make sure you always feel confident and ready.

And, if you want an even more personalized experience, design your own custom shoe online on our website! Select from dozens of different colours or just have fun playing around designing your own custom shoe in 3d that will show how your shoes would look before you buy them. With all these options at hand, there’s no reason not be wearing something perfect for any occasion – whether it’s work related or going out on the town with friends.


So go ahead, be bold and choose a colour that expresses your unique personality!


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