There was a time when customized sneakers were all the rage. Everyone wanted a pair of shoes that reflected their individual style and personality. And while the trend may have died down in recent years, right now customized sneakers are making a comeback.

There are still plenty of reasons to love customized shoes. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key benefits of personalized footwear. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for a loved one or simply want to treat yourself, customized shoes are a still a great option!


Why wear Custom Shoes in the first place ?


There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider wearing customized shoes. For starters, they can help you stand out from the crowd therefore no two pairs of customized shoes are ever exactly alike. Customized sneakers are also a great way to show off your individual style and personality. Plus you always be making a statement when you are wearing a pair of custom sneakers.


5 reasons as to why custom shoes are still a great idea


Fun and unique

Sick and tired of looking in your wardrobe over and over again, hoping to find something that will spruce up your outfits? Custom shoes are the way to go! They are a fun and unique way to change up your fashion game and will only upgrade your style. catches your eye well with custom shoes, they upgrade your style instantly. They are one fun way to spark up your wardrobe, you can feel unique again and enjoy a change.



Expressing yourself

Customized sneakers are also a fun way to express yourself, as they allow you to show off your individual personality and express yourself in new ways that you might not be able to do with other pieces of clothing.


If you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, customized sneakers are a great option. to showcase your unique personality and style. You are making a statement, you are showing the world who you are and what you stand for - As mentioned, when you're wearing customized sneakers, you'll always make a statement. Whether it's at the gym or out on the town, people will definitely take notice of your cool shoes.

Most importantly when wearing our custom Nike shoes you're not apologizing for being you!


Achieve your perfect fit

Don't like how off-the-shelf shoes never seem to quite fit? They come in a very limited range of styles, colours and most importantly sizes. However, custom sneakers give you the freedom to choose from a huge range of sizes.

Custom shoes can be made specifically for you, ensuring that they are a perfect fit and look great on your feet. Everyone's feet are different, even within the same family. Custom sneakers allow you to choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles so that you get the perfect pair of shoes for your feet! At None Of Zero we have a range of sizes starting from Junior 1 all the way to Adult 16.

If you have any special needs or requirements when it comes to your footwear like having a high instep or really wide feet, custom shoes will the perfect choice for you dont you agree?


Head straight over to our website to find more information about how to find the right fit with our custom shoes.



These days it is hard to keep up with knowing what to buy when it comes to buying gifts for people. Not everyone likes the same thing of course, and there is only so much you can choose from when it comes to items such as clothes or makeup etc.

None of Zero have a wide collection of Custom Air Force 1 sneakers for Children, Men and, Women which can be bought as a gift. From now on you will have no problem finding gifts for your friends and family!

Customized sneakers make great gifts for any occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries. As they can be tailored to the individual's style and personality. Your loved ones will surely be over the moon when they receive a pair of custom shoes- Just when you thought the perfect gift didn't exist!

So the next time you are debating what to buy as a gift for someone just head over to our website and with our wide selection of custom shoes and our 3D Configurator to help you create a pair of custom shoes from scratch, you are sure to find a purchase. You won't be disappointed :)

Check out our blog about Custom shoe ideas for couples at and why not surprise your loved one with a pair of custom shoes for Valentines Day?

You will be sure how to make the perfect pair of custom sneakers for your special someone!


Good investment

Fed up seeing items in the shop that don't match their price due to them being of poor quality? -Who likes to spend money on something especially when the value of the product does not match the price. Nobody right ?!




Our shoes aren't just any regular pair of day to day shoes, we put money into designing our custom shoes ensuring that the products we produce are of high value ensuring long wear. Your outfit will never fail as your custom shoes will be by your side for a long time to come!

We know how important it is for people to spend money on things that actually benefit them, and even though it is a good amount of money you are investing in when you buy a pair of custom shoes you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

Therefore they are required to your style and personality and as mentioned above, no custom shoe is the same, as they are hand-painted by our skilled artists so even if you have the same pair as somebody, each shoe is distinctive in it's own way!

If you want to give your outfits the chance to stand out over and over again without fail, it's worth it spending the money on a pair of custom shoes no?




Most shoes are made to simply just be worn, however here at None Of Zero that is not the case.


Our custom shoes are not made to just wear but to style your outfits for a long time, due to the durability of our custom shoes. There are number of steps we take when using are high-quality materials that will ensure your custom Nike shoes do not lose their design over time- they will stay looking great for a long time!

You can expect that service with our customized sneakers, as they can be worn often without having to worry about any wearing or fading.

To find out more about our custom shoes and the durable materials we use check out our blog: Are custom shoes Water and Scratch Proof.



Coming to a close


We hope that you have found this blog useful and that we have convinced you as to why you should never lose interest in custom shoes. You should now feel confident in buying a pair of custom shoes, especially from us! If you have any questions about Custom Shoes or Custom Sneakers.

Please do not hesitate to head to our website at and check out our website where we provide Custom shoes for men and women!