Custom shoes are a great way to show off your personal style and make a statement. They can also be expensive, so it's important to take care of them properly in order to ensure that they last long. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to care for your custom shoes so that you can keep them looking great for years to come!

 Just bought your first pair of custom shoes, from us or any other company, but don't know how to take care of them? Don't stress None of Zero are here to help to help, here are a few tips to ensure that you get the most wear out of your Custom shoes:



Custom shoes are made with a different last than traditional shoes, so it is important to make sure that you treat them accordingly. For example:

Custom shoes should be cleaned of debris on a regular basis - as necessary (e.g., once every few weeks). This can be done by wiping them down with a damp cloth or using a special leather cleaner on more delicate materials.

 You can use your preferred cleaning solution, however, we recommend that the best way to clean your Custom shoes is by washing your hands first, then use soap and water on any dirt spots you see - this will prevent smearing onto other parts of the shoe while removing debris from those areas as well!


Washing Machine- Big no no!

Even though our Custom shoes are water and scratch proof you should never submerge Custom shoes in water. We know that it may seem like the easy route but they are not meant to be washed in a washing machine as this could cause the material to weaken and potentially fall apart, in addition to the design being ruined.


Make sure to pay attention to your laces, they are just as important as the custom sneaker itself. To clean them just simply soak them in a bowl containing warm water and washing detergent-it won't take take long honestly.

 You will be grateful you took the time to this, they will instantly bring your Custom shoes back to life every time!

DO NOT USE BLEACH- Custom shoes are unique and special, so don't use bleach when trying to clean them, it will strip the Custom shoe of its colour and natural look and it will also turn your laces yellow!

You could even purchase a new pair of laces if you felt like changing up the style of your custom shoes. At None of Zero we have a range of colours to choose from in our 'Magnetic Laces'

Feel free to head over to our website at anytime you feel like a change:)



Custom shoes should also never be dried by heat or direct sunlight. This means that you should always keep them out of the sun when possible and store them away from any sources of heat such as radiators or heating vents; this will help prevent cracking in the design due to extreme temperature changes.

The best way to dry Custom shoes is by placing them near an open window, with little sunlight of course and stuff them with newspaper- this will help maintain the shape of the shoe and prevent it from having creases-one of the biggest problems that result in your shoe looking worn out.

 Furthermore, newspaper is great at absorbing moisture, so if your shoes are drenched for whatever reason, or you tend to sweat a lot, try putting newspapers in your custom shoes this will help them dry faster – tip for reducing any funky smells.


Shoe Trees

One of the best ways to maintain Custom shoes is by using shoe trees. Not only do they help keep the shape of the shoe, but they also absorb moisture which can damage the materials over time.


Shoe trees can be found at most hardware stores or online retailers such as Amazon Prime.



Original Packaging

Custom shoes should be stored in their original box or another well-ventilated area when not being worn. This helps to keep them from getting damaged by excessive moisture, which could lead to mold growth on your expensive investment over time!


Shoe Storage Box

However, we know that it can get frustrating with shoeboxes all around your room, especially if, your space is small, so another tip is that you should always store your Custom shoes away in storage shoe boxes as this will keep them dust free and organised.

Not only that, but this will also keep your shoes safe since they won't be on the floor piled up with other shoes on top - keeping their form and appearance!



Just like your car needs oil to keep running smoothly, Custom shoes need conditioner to keep the leather looking and feeling good.

Applying conditioner every few months is key to keeping them in great condition - just make sure you don't use too much, or it will end up leaving behind a sticky residue.

Leather Conditioner

With our Custom Nike shoes mainly being leather, we prep our shoes with supplies that will secure the design, so you will not have to do this the first time you wear your custom shoes.

However if your Custom shoes are not treated with a conditioner over time, they can dry out and look wrinkled - so to help preserve them you should use an appropriate leather conditioner on your Custom shoes once every few weeks or months (depending how often the shoe is worn).


You can find a variety of leather conditioners at most shoe stores; just make sure to read the instructions carefully before applying anything directly onto Custom shoes!

We also us supplies that ensure that the design is protected against water but make sure to spray your Custom shoes every month/or week according to how much you wear them, with a water resistance spray to ensure further protection.



A great way to keep your Custom shoes in tip-top shape is by polishing them on a regular basis. You should do this once or twice every two weeks depending on how often the shoes are worn.

There are many different types of polish - such as cream, wax, liquid or gel - so it is important to find the one that is best suited for your Custom shoes.

 When applying polish, use a soft cloth and make small circular motions until the entire surface has been coated; then let it dry for about 15-20 minutes before buffing it with a different cloth to give it a shine!

Do not rub or push on the Custom shoes too hard when cleaning, polishing or, conditioning them as this will ensure the design being scratched off or fading.

The paint is crack, water resistant and 100% wearable however damage can be caused through misuse which we are not responsible for- A lot of time goes into our products, as they are all are made to order and especially customized just for you! So please wear them with care and love!

We hope that you found these tips helpful! If you have any other questions on how to care for your Custom shoes, or are confused about what products to use then we would be happy to recommend some, just contact us through our contact page we would be more than happy to help!

-None Of Zero Team.