There's no need to sacrifice your sense of style just because you're looking for a comfortable and practical pair of shoes. None Of Zero has the perfect solution: Casual custom shoes that will make you look and feel great. We produce high-quality, handcrafted footwear for men and women of all ages, so you can be sure that you'll find a style that suits your unique taste. Browse our selection today and see for yourself how easy it is to take your wardrobe to the next level!



There are plenty of situations where you might want a little more comfort than what your heels or dress shoes can provide, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for boring old sneakers.

So whether you're running errands, spending time with family and friends, or just taking a leisurely stroll around town, our shoes will keep your feet comfortable all day long. And because they're so stylish, you'll feel great wearing them no matter what the occasion!

None Of Zero offers casual custom shoes, designed specifically with activities in mind so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds: Fashion and function!-Why not achieve this with one of our custom shoes from our casual Custom shoe collection?

None Of Zero's - the 'Blue BITE'! Has trademark dark blue lips covering the swoosh, these shoes are sure to turn heads. The biting lips around the swoosh give them a playful and engaging vibe, perfect for anyone who wants to keep their look simple yet make a statement.




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Make Outings Fun

Casual custom Sneakers are incredibly versatile, and they can also be a great way to liven up any causal event or outing you have to attend.

One of the greatest things about these sneakers is that you don't have to be stressed when deciding what design you want as the whole look of this shoe is casual and you can now have a shoe that is customized to your personal style which is also equally combined with comfort and elegance.



One of the best things about None Of Zero casual custom shoes is that they have a range of designs.

So when it comes to customzing your casual Custom Nike sneakers your inspiration will always be ignited as there's plenty of help.There are many colours and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect pair easily.


Simple and subtle

All of our Casual Custom sneakers consists of designs that are not too fussy and have a subtle look to them. Remember just because your sneakers are casual doesn't mean you can't make a statement.

These two shoes below are just two prime examples of the outstanding collection we have.



Never question your outfit or anything you do for that matter when wearing a pair of these Custom Nike Sneakers. Hand-painted to order, so you no need to worry about standing out from the crowd, even if someone else has a pair. Look and feel good on any occasion with these versatile shoes made with high-quality materials ensuring durability.



These shoes are perfect for making a statement - just like Banksy's artwork does, so of course, you will have no problem standing out wherever you are. Whether you're looking for something special to wear on a night out or just want to add a bit of personality to your everyday style, these shoes will do the trick.


Our casual custom sneakers collection is just at the touch of your fingertips. For more inspiration for customizing your pair of sneakers you can check out our other collections like, Pretty, Cute and Alpha Male Custom sneakers.

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The Workplace

We already know that people feel much happier whenever and wherever they feel comfortable - this includes what shoes we decide to wear.

This can make your workplace a lot more of a cheery place to be in as being in a casual and comfortable environment leads to a more positive working environment making everyone's attitude more friendly.

Casual custom sneakers can be worn in the workplace - Whether you are on your feet all day working in a café or bar, or you are a healthcare assistant casual sneakers are the way to go - its a no brainer.

Whatever your profession, there are many different ways to pull this look off and still look professional. Experiment and have some fun with it !


'Astonishing' isn't the word that comes to ones mind when thinking about what outfit to wear on an average day , however you still will want to look stylish and put together.

With Casual custom shoes you can do just that - These shoes are the ones you can rely on again and again, whether you are meeting up with some friends for breakfast or are going on an afternoon trip to the museum they will make the perfect companion for your feet :)

We’re here to help you find the best custom sneakers for you. Don't wait any longer and browse our selection of Casual Custom shoes today as well as our other collections- You will see there is a range of unique detailed Air force 1's and Jordan 1's.

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See for yourself how easy it is to take your style up a notch. You won't regret it!