Looking for a unique way to show your love for your partner? Check out these custom couples sneakers! You can create matching custom shoes with all sorts of designs, from simple initials to elaborate patterns. Not only are they a fun and stylish way to show your love, but they'll also set you apart from the rest of the crowd. So if you're looking for something special, be sure to check out these custom couples sneakers!

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Ideas for couples custom shoes:


Matching initials

Imagine a custom shoe with your partner's initials on them? You choose your design and add a little touch of personalization to your sneakers. 

This is a great option for couples who want something simple and sweet.


Coordinating colors

If you can both agree on a colour that you both like to dress in, you are in luck.

You can design your matching design on NOZ For You which is our tool where you can design your personalized shoe in 3D and see what it looks like in your room! Yes, your own room! Using AR (Augmented Reality) for the nerds out there. This is a perfect way to get creative with your matching sneakers and have some fun.


Complimentary patterns

If you want something more flashy, why not try complementary patterns? This can be a great way to show off your personality and style as a couple. You can choose different patterns that complement each other without looking too busy or chaotic.

Some couples like to get 'Polar Opposite' patterns on their couple's custom shoes. One will go for an elegant style and the other with a vibrant pattern. This is a great way to show that the styles of your loved ones are opposites, but still complement each other perfectly!

Special dates or memories

Do you have a special date you always want to keep in your memory? Or a special memory or quote that relates to every nerve in your body?

What's your couple's most memorable date? First Kiss? Anniversary? Wedding Day?

Why not get a matching couples sneaker with that date on it! It'll be a great way to always remember that day and have it close to your heart. Not only will you look stylish but you'll also have a sentimental item that means the world to you.


A saying or phrase that represents your relationship

You can get any quote added to the design of a custom shoe! If you want to keep things extra special, this is the perfect way to do it.

Not only will your partner appreciate the sentiment, but everyone who sees your shoes will know just how loved up you are!

You may want to add a phrase to your custom shoes, to remind both of you, if you are in a long-distance relationship, that you are by each other's feet... quite literally.


Symbols that are important to you both

Do you have a special symbol that is important to the two of you as a couple? Why not get it designed onto your matching sneakers! This could be something like a heart, an infinity sign, or any other type of design that means something special to both of you.

You could both have your unique designs or matching for the custom shoe, and then at None Of Zero we can add a lock symbol in your chosen style onto one shoe and the key to the other. Just a quirky idea, what do you think?

Anything else you can dream up!

We've given you some ideas above in this blog post for custom couples sneaker ideas. If its not a gift maybe you can both browse our collection of amazing custom shoes for some inspiration.

There's no wrong or right way to design your custom couples' sneakers, so get creative and have some fun with it! Check out the rest of our website for designs, and get in contact if you want to talk to a human to help with the design.


There you have it! Some ideas for custom couples sneakers. Be sure to get creative and have fun with it – after all, this is a special occasion! And be sure to check out our website, with free shipping on all UK orders and international shipping to every country for custom shoes and sneakers.

No matter what design you choose for your custom couples' sneakers, they are sure to be a hit! So don't wait any longer, get creative and start designing today. You can find more information on our website or by contacting us directly. We would love to help make your dream shoe come true!

Thanks for reading! :)