Want to know how to stand out on a night out? It's actually easier than you think! Just follow these unique tips and you'll be sure to get noticed. First, consider wearing custom shoes. There are many online stores that allow you to design your own shoes, so this is a great way to show off your unique style. Another great idea is to dress in bright colours. This will help you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of those around you. Finally, don't be afraid to be yourself. Be confident and have fun with it!

Have fun with accessories

Accessories are another great way to be unique on a night out. For example, if you're going to a wedding or other formal event, consider wearing earrings that match the colour of your dress or better yet the colour of a pair of custom shoes.



Easy to start off with, jewellery is a very significant type of accessory when it comes to making a statement. Nothing helps you stand out more then wearing  statement piece, as this is the thing people notice first on your outfit. There are loads of different options when it comes to jewellery, such as;



Whether they are gold, silver or bronze, thin rings look simple yet elegant for a daytime look. However for a night time look, change them to beautiful, chunky rings that are embellished in colourful gem stones.

Everybody will notice how gorgeous your hands and wardrobe look.



There are many unique and versatile styles of necklaces to choose from, ranging from chains with pendants in the shape of animals or even your initials! There is a necklace for every style - if you're more on the edgy side why not try chokers.

Have a favourite part of your body that you like to be accentuated? Such as your collar bones, well why not draw attention to your lovely collar bone, by wearing a dainty-looking chain. On the other hand, its known when wearing a Y-necklace-shaped chain, this can make it seem like your neckline is elongated.

It's all about making sure your best features are accentuated, therefore you are guaranteed to create an audience on a night out !


Hoops are commonly worn by all, whether they are large or small, they really dress up any plain outfit. However, if you want to add a unique flair to your look, go for earrings that are non-traditional, like the ones that go around your whole ear or are in quirky shapes(ear cuffs)


Sometimes these items aren't really thought about when looking for something to top your outfit off for the night, however they can quickly transition your outfit easily as they add a sense of individuality and authentic taste.

There are so many different types of bracelets to choose from, they come in all shapes and sizes such- from bangles and cuffs to wrap around. You can even wear thin bangles that you can stack together to chunky ones with charms on them (you could even add your own charms)


If you have a few going on at the same time it will definitely create an interesting look ensuring that you will be the talk of the night.


'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' indeed when it comes to dressing up for a night out. Diamonds will add some serious sparkle and glamour whether you choose studs, hoops or chandelier earrings - they are perfect for all occasions!

Why not put not try pairing items together that have been adorned with diamonds, for example, a pair of hoops, a necklace or bracelets and even a choker- this combination creates a trendy look. Your outfit will be at the top of the game, nobody will be able to walk past you without noticing you first!

With our Swarovski & Reflective 'Oblique' custom Air Force Nike 1 shoe and  Jordan 1 Swarovski & Reflective 'Oblique' custom shoe, you've got this look in the bag- they both feature a swoosh that has been beautifully outlined in with genuine Swarovski crystals.

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When it comes to matching a colour scheme or theme most people will turn to make up for help- such as smokey eye or a specific colour of eyeshadow.

We know this is not the case for everybody, so nothing says 'distinctive accessory' more than a pair of signature shades.

If you're all about turning heads with your shades, take up wearing dramatic shapes like chunky box square, cat-eye or oversized. While you're at it, choose a brazen colour or a loud print, you'll be making eye contact all night with everyone and anyone.

Our print inspired Custom Nike sneakers will have no problem complimenting your loud shades!

Choose an interesting outfit

Going out for the night and you're trying to put an outfit together, the first thing you should be thinking of is how am I going to stand out? You don't want to be just another person in the crowd, you want to stand out and make sure that people remember who you are- especially from that night!

One way of doing that is by choosing an interesting outfit, you can base your wardrobe around unique ideas that most people wouldn't think of wearing, especially items that wouldn't usually be worn together - such as a bright red dress with some converse. You could also try mixing different patterns.



A way of making sure that you look pulled together and chic, is by colour coordinating your outfit. This can be done in different ways- for example, if all your clothes are within the same colour palette then it will create a streamlined effect or alternatively, if everything is clashing but in the same family (for eg pinks and purples).

You'll look pulled together and elevated no matter what scheme you go with.


Go all out

Out shine everybody on a night out by dropping everything you know about which colours go and don't go. There are no limits! If you want to wear a bright green dress with rainbow shoes, go for it! You'll definitely be turning heads.

Even combine different colour spectrums like neons, pastels, metallics and more into one outfit to make it the number talk at an event.



Pick one colour and run with it! Why not make that the case for your hair colour too?-you will be admired by the lengths you've gone too to achieve your look.


Your wardrobe being tailored means it only fits around you and you only! It will show off your unique body shape.

A tailored piece of clothing is special, nobody else can own it like you can, so be sure to head out the door with your held high and get ready to cause a scene- a fashion scene!

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The perfect way to stand out, even when the lights go down! Reflective clothing and accessories are a unique way of turning your whole outfit into something special. You'll be spotted no matter where people turn their head- your like a fashion flashlight ! 

Reflective ‘Oblique’-None Of Zero's Designer inspired collection 


Browse our collection of custom shoes to match your reflective clothing! 

Custom Shoes

Last but not least, one of the main ways to stand out is by wearing custom shoes. Custom shoes will add a little extra something to your wardrobe and make you the best-dressed person at the party! If you have a specific event that you're attending, wearing custom shoes can help you look the part- as you can match the theme either by colour, print or style.

 Scheme - colour

Custom shoes use a range of solid colours which will match any outfit perfectly, most importantly when customizing your own pair you are in charge of picking and mixing your own variations of colours- create something that nobody would even think to put together.

You can do this by using our 3D Configurator, we have a range of colours to choose from, ensuring that all features of the sneaker will be different.

With a unique colour scheme your shoes are bound to be the topic of conversation!


Laces are a feature on custom shoes that can often be altered helping you a bag a serious look that no one will forget. Reflective laces have a glow in the dark effect that are perfect for a night out. You can be sure to see your shoes from a mile away and they will light up any outfit!

At None Of Zero we have a range of custom shoes that can help you to stand out on your next night out, as we custom Nike shoes with reflective designs and laces- be sure to check us out and take your look up a notch! You wont regret it.

Need a pair of reflective laces, separately from a pair of custom sneakers, we've got your back, you can puracshe a pair from our website. We have up to 8 colours to choose from too!





If you're going for a funky, bold look that is sure to stand out then definitely go for a pair of custom printed shoes! At None Of Zero we have a range of custom shoes that have their print and pattern inspired by animals or even well renowned brands.


'Pink Stripes'- Custom Nike AF1 by NOZ


You'll love our 'Giraffe' or 'LV' inspired custom nike air force 1 shoes such as our 'Play in the Sand' or 'Red on Black LV' custom shoe.

Custom shoes can have many patterns on them, from zebra to leopard print, polka dots and florals. And for a more formal event you could go with an animal theme such as snakeskin or lizard skin.

Check out our Inspired by page to help you find a pair of custom nike shoes with patterns or a print on them that will stand out from the theme of your next night out!



Final Say


When you're looking for unique fashion tips on how to stand out on a night out, remember these ideas! Be confident and have fun with it! There are so many ways to stand out, so find what works best for you and go for it!

At None Of Zero we can help with that by providing custom shoes that will compliment your wardrobe regardless of how you have decided to style it, whether that's by choosing an interesting choice of clothing, or accessorizing with delicate jewellery.

So go ahead, be daring and different- after all, that's what standing out is all about and head over to our website, www.noneofzero.com to check out our range of unique custom shoes for some inspiration!